Human Fractal is a digital platform for wellness, fitness and performance services with integrated diagnostics, scientific program design, real-time remote monitoring via sensors and digital tools


Health Nerve is a digital health services for chronic & post operative care management by integrating health data and enabling real-time remote monitoring via medical grade sensors


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Science and Knowledge backed, data driven, outcome oriented programs and protocols for achieving optimal performance.

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It all starts with the outcomes and to achieve the outcomes, the data from the complex and fascinating biological systems of the human body along with the ecosystem of experts must come together to deliver programs which can be monitored continuously. The digital platform unifies data from diagnostics and wearables enabling advanced analytics, visualization, personalization and connected services thus bringing together the experts from anywhere and anytime.

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We are inspired by the possibilities of pushing the boundary of wellness by applying cutting edge science. We aspire to empower our customers with personalised recommendations and coaching on nutrition, exercise and lifestyle to make an everlasting positive change in health, performance and behaviour. The possibilities were fuelled by advanced diagnostics, sensors, data science, digitised protocols, persuasive and mobile technologies to provide you with the most advanced blueprint for your wellness.